Character Profiles

One of the most interesting tasks we’ve had to think about this month is developing our characters. In some cases, that has meant late nights studying faded photographs and reading through memoirs. All the characters we’ve included so far are based on real, historical figures – but some are better documented than others.

A lot has been written about Grigori Rasputin, of course, while Felix Yusupov and Maria Rasputin have both published books about their own lives. That gives us a lot to work with. But I couldn’t find a single photograph of Sergei Sukhotin, while Varvara Rasputina more or less disappeared from the history books after her father’s murder.

It’s a mixed blessing, really. Creating believable characters based on mere snippets of historical records is tough, but on the plus side, it does leave a lot of potential for telling our own story.

Anyway, here are our first eight character portraits, which now appear on the Cast page along with detailed bios. As the story develops, we’ll be adding more profiles to the list.


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