Drawing ‘The Life & Death’

Our mini-story about The Life and Death of Grigori Rasputin was released as an early one-off – intended to tie in with the anniversary of Rasputin’s death, while also building a little publicity for our own project.

In the book Rasputina, we’re far more interested in what happened next – but you will probably see some of these images again. Our first chapter will serve as a prologue, retelling the events leading up to Rasputin’s death and setting the stage for our story. It will be slower, and more detailed than our 12-panel Life and Death story, but we don’t plan to waste any of this great artwork… so watch out for some of these images reappearing, as they get recycled as panels in forthcoming pages of the book.

Until then, here’s a little look at how these pages evolved: Diana’s first set of sketches for The Life and Death of Grigori Rasputin.




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