The Story

Siberia, 1920. A young girl, Varya, sets out on a quest for vengeance. She will travel across Soviet Russia and beyond, guided by a list of five names; the five men who killed her father in the Winter of 1916.

Their victim – Varya’s father – was Grigori Rasputin: a holy fool, mystical healer, and beloved personal advisor to the Russian Tsarina. But Rasputin’s influence over the imperial family had earned him enemies, and eventually a conspiracy was hatched to silence him for good. In December 1916 he was drugged, strangled and shot, his body dumped into the frozen waters of the Neva River.

Now the Tsar and Tsarina are dead, while a red star rises over Moscow.

Varya Grigorievna Rasputina must venture right into the heart of the warn-torn Soviet republic, avoiding the suspicion of Lenin’s secret police as she hunts down her father’s murderers. Along the way, she’ll learn to embrace the true source of Rasputin’s powers; while discovering how his death was part of a greater, deeper, conspiracy than she could ever have imagined.



About the Project

Rasputina is an epic graphic novel in three parts: a sprawling tale of rebellion and revenge. The story treks from the plains of Siberia to the salons and bordels of Paris in the 1920s, introducing a cast packed with characters lifted straight from the history books.
Built upon extensive research, Rasputina explores the characters and conspiracies linked to one of the most notorious assassinations of the 20th century. The story casts Grigori Rasputin not as a ‘Mad Monk,’ but as a loving father, a healer, and a victim of propaganda. There’ll be mayhem, magic and mystery along the way, a veritable orgy of violence and visions; but ultimately, Rasputina aims to show how sometimes history itself can be stranger than fiction.
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